About Us

Electrical Detectives Are Your Local Electricians

Electrical Detectives consists of a team of skilled professionals that meet all needs of residential and also commercial facilities in the Melbourne area. Many years of experience, coupled with extensive training and professional equipment will ensure that the perfect solution is delivered to the customer.

Everyone wants to avoid a faulty electrical system and this is where we come in. It is a known fact that electrical systems perform best when they are properly serviced and maintained by professional electricians.

Electrical Detectives provide a wide range of electrical services in the Melbourne area. No matter if you need something simple done like getting your ceiling fan or smoke alarm installed, or getting your entire house re-wired, we are here to provide high-quality repairs and inspections.

Why Are We Different?

Over time, our professional services made us stand out from the competition. This is because we offer three important things to any homeowner or business owner that will get them the type of result they can’t find with other local electricians. These include:

  • A Full Commitment to Your Satisfaction: Besides performing quality installations and electrical repairs in your home or business, we will always help you save money. We will suggest the best energy-saving technology and routine inspections that will keep more money in your pocket over time
  • High-Quality Service: Our team of professionals can easily deal with any type of electrical work, but also consult you with the best solution for any project at hand.
  • A Vast Number of Options: No matter if you need to just check if your electrical system is working properly or need complex repair services, we are at your disposal, 24/7!

Electrical Detectives team is fully dedicated to being your fully trusted resource for skilled and affordable electrical work. We can safely deal with any servicing, maintenance, and electrical installation issues.

A Trustworthy Local Electrician You Can Count On

Everyone cares about their home and business so they would like to work with only a high-reputable organization that delivers the best service around when it comes to electrical work. Whether you need re-wiring or something simple like lighting, our skilled local electricians will treat your home with care and provide the best and the most cost-effective solution.

We have a thorough understanding of our field and the right approach to each issue. This guarantees that we finish the project right the first time so you can have a piece of mind.

We are here to provide you quality, efficient, quick, and affordable electrical services 24/7!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we’ll get you a free quote.