Cabling and Wiring- Electrical, Telephone, Networking


Having your electrical components wired properly is crucial in your home or office. Without it, nothing will function as intended. Whether it is a computer that switches off all the time because of the faulty wiring or an oven shutting off because someone upstairs is using the hair dryer, it is a huge inconvenience.

Many people tend to wire up the electrical components by themselves which leads to many injuries and deaths every year in Australia. It is always best to leave that job to a qualified electrician who will make sure that everything is fully functional, safe, and that it complies with NSW regulations.


Some people tend to move away from using traditional telephone lines in their homes but offices and commercial facilities use telephones as a staple. Because of this, it is crucial to avoid any interruption to the service.

To avoid this inconvenience, a professional electrician should deal with a wiring of the telephone system in these environments. Here at Electrical Detectives, we employ the best electricians with many years of experience in installing and also maintaining multi-line telephone systems.


Nowadays, every home and office need a reliable and high-speed network. Homes tend to have various connections that are present in every room and offices rely on having fast access to information on the internet.

Networking cabling is our specialty and we can install and wire your home or office with a reliable network so you can stay connected to the rest of the world at all times.

Electrical Detectives technicians are highly qualified and provide complete satisfaction and only high-quality work. No matter what kind of network do you need to install and maintain, you can trust us with your networking needs.

24/7 emergency service is available via 02 9708 2732. You can also use our online contact form to get a fast response within 15 minutes. We will deliver high-quality cabling and wiring of your home and office!

We are here to provide you quality, efficient, quick, and affordable electrical services 24/7!

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